Different calendar colors for different events?


Im using the scheduler for a cabin avalability site. It would be great if i could have the color red when the cabin is rented out and green when the cabin is avalable (norented out the whole year).
Is this possible in the current version?

Link to page with calendar:http://www.eskestugan.se/uthyrning-2/#date=2011-01-01,mode=year

Check admin section, custom fields - you can create a custom select and link colors to different options.
docs.dhtmlx.com/doku.php?id=dhtm … tom_fields

Still dont get those colors to diplay in the calendar. Am i doing something wrong?

eskestugan.se/uthyrning-2/#d … ,mode=year



Problem confirmed - colors doesn’t affect year view.
We will check how it can be improved.

Please post a update to this post if you manage to solve this

Problem with year view confirmed.
Ability to color events in year view will be added as part of oncoming update