Different dates for List view and Day/Month view

How do I load old events into List view but still set the date to be current date in the Day and Month views? I have searched the forums and found that:

  • To get older dates in the List view, I need to set scheduler.config.init_date to an older date. When I do this, Day and Month view default to that date as well.
  • $$(“scheduler”).coreData contains a getValue() function to retrieve the current date of the scheduler. Is there a setValue() function to use which I could call whenever navigating to Day/Month view from List view? If so, does it expect just a javascript date object?

Essentially, I just need a way to change the scheduler date. Then I can set the date for list view and change the scheduler date whenever I’m looking at the other views. Thanks!


you can set init_date to old date:

scheduler.config.init_date = new Date(2012,0,1);

and coreDate to current date:

$$("scheduler").load(url,"scheduler",function(){ $$("scheduler").coreData.setValue(new Date()); });

Thank you very much. This should solve all my problems. You are a gentleman and a scholar!