Different Menu lay-out when using Javascript to construct a

Hi there,

I’ve a question concerning the methods available to load the menu-data.

The issue is that I’d like to construct a menu dynamically (the menu needs to be constructed

based on different variables such as language, user rights et cetera).

An XML-file is probably not the best way to do this, as this would mean that (A) I’d have to generate an

XML-file on-the-fly or (B) I should load a PHP-file with XML-output.

The last mentioned solution (B) simply doesn’t work in Firefox (so this is not an option).

Another method for loading data into the dhtmlxMenu would be the javascript

initialization (as seen in the menu_building_script.html example file).

However, when I’d load menu data in this way, the menu looks different than when I would

use the regular way (XML-file) to load the menu data.

Is there any solution available to make sure that a javascript-constructed menu looks the same?

Thanks in advance.


Basically, when data loaded from XML it transformed to the same js commands, which used for creating menu from JS, so if you are using the same button types with same properties  as in XML - menu must be rendered the same, there is no any special tricks.