Different skins behace differently

Hi Guys,

This is my first post, so hello.

I am just starting to play with the menu widget. I am loading the menu straight from the example code - just to see the effect. There are four skins. The first one I tried was:


This gives me a nice menu with three options at the top:

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and there are sub options too, which is great - all working as I had hooped.

I declare this skin as a css like this:

<link href="../../Client/Menu/CSS/dhtmlxmenu_dhx_skyblue.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

However, when I tried the next skin to see what that looked like - dhtmlxmenu_dhx_web.css

I get this


And when I move the mouse over them the sub options appear on the left briefly and the whole page jumps.

Any thoughts?

May tanks in advance,



make sure that you have defined dhx_web skin. dhx_skyblue is default. So, there is not need to set it. Other skins you should set either in constructor or by setSkin method:

menu = new dhtmlXMenuObject(“menuObj”, “dhx_web”);

Thanks Alexander.

It turns out that I did not have the css file declared:


… for the “dhx_black” layout.

When I declared it, things were fine. However, this leaves me a little confused because I am using the compressed libCompiler CSS and JS files:


I had thought that they included all skins. Have I got that wrong?

Many thanks again.


dhtmlx.css includes only chosen skin. The specific skin should be included separately.

Yes, thank you Alexandra - I realise that now.

However, I am still thinking that giving the user a choice of skins might be nice for them.

I am using libComposer.

I am thinking of giving them a drop down box of the skins. When they select one, I could reload the page with the css pointing to the correct skin directory. I would also take a variable of the correct images folder and use that to setImagePath; and lastly, I would input the skin as a parameter to items like setskin and when creating new layouts etc.

It is not high on my list of priorities, but does that sound like it could work?

Many thanks,