Difficulty entering past dates

I’m often times having to use the calendar to enter the birthday of the user. I find it difficult because right now I have to hit left arrow back 40-50 yrs worth of months. I know there has to be an easier way to at least let the user manually enter the year and then it will jump to the year and I can forward to the appropriate date from there. How is this done?!

Thank you!

a) You can use dhxCalendarA type , which allow direct data input
b) With both dhxCalendar and dhxCalendarA - it possible to enter year just by clicking on year at top of calendar.

I have a slightly different issue… a particular date field in a grid is optional… so if someone enters a date using the dhxCalendar, and then later wants to “clear” the field (to take the default value), there is no way to do this.

I tried switching to ‘dhxCalendarA’, which allows me to manually clear the field, but now when I select a date in the calendar pop-up it does not enter it into the field. I double click on the date and nothing happens… I can only enter it manually.

Any ideas?

We have not reproduce the problem with dhxCalendarA type. Please see the sample in the grid package: