Direct Mouse Scroll event to selected dataview cell only


I have several data view in a layout.
Each of them have a jsp page with an image. A function in JSP page on_mouse_wheel scroll event zooms the images.
I want only the selected dataview to get the mouse_wheel even instead of the parent layout scroll bar containing the dataviews.

when no particular dataview cell is selected then the even should be on the parent layout containing dataview cells.

How can I detach and attach mouse_over events form layout and dataview cells.

your help will be appreciated.


issue is not clear at all. What do you need to be done with layout and dataview ? What events do you mean ?

Sorry if I did not make it clear.

I have a layout.
DataView is included in the layout.
DataView has 10 cells.
Each cells have a embeded html page
{ each html page has a image with js functionality to zoom the images}

now if I try to zoom using mouse scroll the mouse scroll event is captured by layout/dataview and scroll the dataviews.

what I need is select a particular cell in data view.
When selected the mouse scroll event should be captured by the embeded html page js and zoom the image. Some how the dhtmlx layout with data should not get the mouse scroll event.

I hope this time I made it clear.

Thank you,

Are you sure that the issue doesn’t occur if you do not use dataview and just place several “embeded” pages in a html container with overflow ?

Both dataview and layout doesn’t manage scrolling of its content.

I figured out that in data view it would work if I hold down shift when dispatching a mousewheel event on the a cell.
Note: we did not code for that part either its dhtmlx or browser behaviour (same in firefox and chrome so mostly dhtmlx).

if shift is released the layout would get the event.
is there a way to redirect it exclusively instead of holding down shift?

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It is possible to modify dataview code and wheel scroll won’t be captured by dataview. So, dataview won’t be scrolled by wheel.

Do you need this solution ?


If you have the code please send it to me. It could be helpful to me.