Disable Arrow Navigation When Limit Start/End is enabled

Is there a way to disable the right arrow when you have gotten to the scheduler.config.limit_end, and disable the left arrow when you have gotten to scheduler.config.limit_start? It doesn’t let you go either way, but would like to not show it when I’ve reached either end of the limits.


Use limit_view config to allow navigation only during the specified time range.

Also you can show message when user can’t navigate further using onBeforeViewChange event handler.
Here is an example how it works snippet.dhtmlx.com/8bf2520a0

I am already doing this, but how do I disable the arrow depending on which end of the calendar limit I am? i.e. if my calendar is restricted between January 1st and April 29th, when I click on the left arrow, when I get to a screen that I can’t go further back in dates, I want the arrow disabled.

It depends on what you mean by “disable the arrow”.

If you want to disable click, return false in onBeforeViewChange handler:

Disable as in change it’s style. i.e. grey it out.

There is no inbuilt way. To implement it, just get the HTML element with button and update it’s CSS style. You can do it using pure JS.

This link can be helpful w3schools.com/js/js_htmldom_css.asp