Disable autocomplete

Browser: Google Chrome Versión 86.0.4240.111 (Build oficial) (64 bits)

I have tried to disable the autocompletion of the username and password fields of my dhx.form but Google Chrome is not respecting the value of this property. I have tried to reproduce it here but have not succeeded. However it is happening in my application.

I have read this post on Stack Overflow. Apparently adding autocomplete = "chrome-off" seems to work on newer versions. It would be great if we could apply this solution but the autocomplete property is boolean

I have recently checked and Google Chrome respects autocomplete = “new-password”. But we have no way to apply this trick because as I said before, autocomple is a Boolean property and the suite applies “on” or “off” respectively.

Hello cstff.

Thank you for your report. I’ve sent it to the dev team, and we’l ltry to find a solution for the future updates.
It would be also great, if you could provide a snippet ot a demo, where the problem could ba reproduced.