Disable button lightbox?

it’s possible to disable button of “Save”, “Delete” and “Cancel” after press “Save”?
So until the user is waiting the process, he don’t click any buttons?

currently there is no way to do so, these handlers can’t be disabled dynamically:
github.com/DHTMLX/scheduler/blo … r.js#L5531

The simplest solution would be to show some kind of overlay above the lightbox so user won’t be able to click them

But is possible to disable custom buttons? For instance I’m using “DHTMLX scheduler net” and I have the following code on the server side(inside my controller):

        scheduler.Config.buttons_left = new LightboxButtonList
            new EventButton
                  Label = "CallNext",
                  OnClick = "fc_CallNext",
                  Name = "CallNext"

Is possible to disable “CallNext” Button after I press it?

Thank you,
Rodrigo Campos

since you have defined a click handler (fc_CallNext function), you can add some checking there - exit the function if it has been called before