Disable cells on grid load


I have several “validations” that enable/disable cells if some value is selected on a few cells.

This works fine but I want to run these validations also when the grid loads for the first time, is this possible?

I have something like this:

grid.attachEvent("onEditCell", function(stage,rId,cInd,nValue,oValue){ if (stage == 2 && cInd == 6) { // If Resultado = Negativo if (nValue == 1){ grid.cells(rId,7).setDisabled(true); grid.cells(rId,8).setDisabled(true); grid.cells(rId,9).setDisabled(false); return true; } else { grid.cells(rId,9).setDisabled(false); return true; } }

But I want to run these some validations on grid loading. How can I do this?

Please, try to use the following code:

grid.load(url,function(){ //loading data to the grid grid.forEachRow(function(id){ //iterating through the rows var val=grid.cells(id,6).getValue(); // getting the value of the cell if(val==1){ // your custom validation logic grid.cells(id,7).setDisabled(true); grid.cells(id,8).setDisabled(true); } grid.cells(id,9).setDisabled(false); }); });