Disable context menu on button

I have a buttonselect added to my toolbar with a bunch of options. Left mouse button behavior is correct. If user clicks button with “right” mouse button, they get the options displayed for a split second, and then it is replaced by the windows context menu.

It there a way to override this behavior so that the options are displayed with either mouse button (or perhaps ignored if right mouse is used)?

I need to specify, what reaction of clicking the right button of mouse do you want to have ?

I would like to suppress pop-ups for the right mouse button when clicking a combo button.

Pop-ups like windows or pop-ups like message alerts?
Can you ad any image, how do you want it be?
We’ll try to help you.

When I left-click on a context menu, the correct menu is displayed.

However, when user “right clicks” on the context menu, we get the normal Windows pop up…

is there anyway to suppress this?

You nedd the next:

cont.oncontextmenu=function(e){ (e||event).cancelBubble=true; return false;};
For the container which you want to cansel this operation.

How would I do this using DHTMLx “button select” control?

It is an image button: