Disable default icon for tree type of cell in grid


Is there any way by which i can disable the default icon for the tree type of cell in any grid?
Currently, if i dont specify the ‘image’ parameter for cell in tree type of column, it by default displays an image (leaf.gif). So, I want to disable that feature. If the image is specified then only it should be displayed. And if it is not defined, no image should be displayed for the cell.

Could you please let me know the property/method which i need to invoke to achieve this behaviour. If there is no direct method/property, could you please let me know the modifications which i need to make in the dhtmlxgrid.js/dhtmlxtreegrid.js file to get this behaviour.

Vibhav Agrawal

Most simple solution - replace leaf.gif with blank.gif - which is an empty transparent image, it will look as item without image.