disable edit and not drawing over more than 1 days

i have a few questions:

i want to disable edit on click
i have

so editing should not work at all???

how can i disable in the month view (also on the week view) to draw a “recurring” event?
i have the recurring events disabled, so that shouldn’t work at all…

thanks in advance


The most effective way to stop edit would be

scheduler.config.readonly = true;

If you want preserve all functionality but block edit-on-dblclick only

scheduler.attachEvent("onDblClick", function(){ return false; })

i have the recurring events disabled
If you not loading recurring.js, scheduler will load all data from db and render as non recurring event. As result recurring events will be rendered as normal ones from first occurrence date to the last occurrence date.
You can tweak render command in the php file, to load only records which has not rec_type value.

thanks for the hint with

scheduler.attachEvent("onDblClick", function(){ return false; });

works perfect for me…

but i think the 2nd problem is a little bit strange…
i was not talking about rendering from database…
i was talking about drawing recurring events, sorry if this was not so well discribed…

this 2 snapshots are taken while i was drawing recurring events with pulling the mouse over more than 1 day… (i’m talking about the long white block with “Zeitfenster” in it)

month view

week view

is there any possibility to turn this off? i only want to draw events in day and week view, but there shouldn’t be any chance to draw it to more than one day.
hope this discribes the problem a little bit better!!!
thanks again

You can use

scheduler.attachEvent("onViewChange", function(){ scheduler.config.drag_create = (scheduler._mode != "month"); })

It will block drag-create functionality in month view ( creation by dbl-click will not be affected )

hi stanislav,

thanks for the quick help again…

this helps in preventing the month drawing… perfect…
but i have still the problem from my 2nd pic (recurring2.png - where on the top-left side is the clock…)

i mean i could use:
scheduler.attachEvent(“onViewChange”, function(){scheduler.config.drag_create = (scheduler._mode != “week”);})
but then i can not create a regular date…

is there any way to prevent the making an event over the whole day?

thank you for the great support…

scheduler.config.multi_day = false; - will hide multiday events in day|week view.

but then i can not create a regular date…
You can use dbl-click to create single day events.

In common case there is no way to restrict attempts to created multi-day events.
You can create your own custom time section ( for lightbox forms ) , which will check dates before saving and correct end date to prevent multi-day events

ok, works as far as i need it, the rest makes my java manager :wink: