Disable/enable step val on slider

I am initializing a slider with no step value. Actually I am handing it a 0:

var slider = new dhtmlxSlider("sliderBox", 200, "arrowgreen", false, 0,290,0,0);

I have a checkbox that is changing this value to a 1 as it is clicked via: slider.setStep(1);
When unckecking the checkbox I am trying to turn off the step value by handing back another 0: slider.setStep(0);
but it throws an error. IE claims there is an invalid argument on line 266. I am using the source js file.

Please help.

step 0 is not acepted. It should be a positive integer: 1,2, …

If you want to disable slider, you may call disable(true) method:


Come to find out, a value of 1 is the smallest number accepted as a step value. Initializing with a value of 0 seems to be ignored and replaced with 1. This is a little misleading, and I mistakenly thought 0 would mean disabled.

For my application, I needed to be able to change the max from 170 to 17 and back. When set to 170 the slider would move smoothly from left to right. When set to 17, it would jump at 17 different points along the bar. The problem I had was that I thought I needed to change the step value when in fact, I always needed it to be 1.