Disable entire grid

Is it possible to disable the entire grid, so that it becomes “greyed out” on the screen, as per other disabled controls? The idea is that the user cannot use the grid at all under certain conditions, and this should be clear to the user (by being “greyed out”).


There is no such API, but it can be pretty easy with HTML, you can

a) create DIV container
b) set it absolutly pozitioned, with big z-index and sizes the same as grid container
c) set dark bacground color and opacity:0.3
d) attach DIV to parent container of grid

In result at will look as shaded grid.

Thanks - in the end I:

1. Put the grid inside a .

2. Set the disabled attribute of the span to “disabled”.

3. grid.setEditable(false)

4. _tempdoClick = grid._doClick;

5. grid._doClick=function(){};

6. grid.setColSorting(“na”);

Works nicely now.