Disable hours select list

Is there a way to just disable the Hour select boxes in the start and end date on the form? I don’t want to allow other times than “00:00”.

It’s ok if the hours boxes are visible, I would just like to make a “.disable” or similair. Or if the hours can be forced to show 00:00 only?


With the latest update you can not only get form section but also have direct access to inputs/nodes:

scheduler.attachEvent("onLightbox", function() { var time_section = scheduler.formSection("time"); time_section.control[1].disabled = true; // 2 input time_section.control[3].disabled = true; // 4 input });
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Thanx for reply. Is there a workaround for 3.0? It will be a seperate project to upgrade to 3.5.

Scheduler 3.0 and Scheduler 3.5 are fully compatible by API, normally it will be enough just to replace codebase folder to upgrade to the new version.

Ok, I’ve tried that and the tab spacing and some other parts looked different (the tabs ended up on the left side instead of the right side) and the event bartext was not visible in timeline view, only in month view.

But I’ll give it another try.

You enabled dhx terrace skin? If so that’s expected behavior, you can turn it off if desired.

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Ok, that could be it. I also had problem with mini calendar not showing up.

Today I have a skin generated from skinbuilder called “blue glossy”.

Is it possible to use the “terrace.js” features without the terrace skin? I wanted to use the feature where you can change the event start and end time by dragging on the events of the bar.

terrace.js doesn’t bring any features. It’s a helper file with customization to make dhx_terrace skin look like it should.

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