Disable lightbox for viewing, but leave to add

Good afternoon. Help solve the following problem:
need to disable viewing of existing challenges for guests (by clicking nothing will happen), but to leave the possibility of launching a lightbox to create new problems.

if (!$this->can('view', $usergroups) && $this->can('add', $usergroups)) {

up, need help


How about using “Private extended mode” - can be enabled in settings.

Hello Stanislav, unfortunately, this method is not suitable.
I want to do something like order forms for auto service shop. Clients under the visitor will leave requests for repair service and see what days are already occupied. But it is necessary that the customer could not see the details of other applications, and even his own.
How can restrict the display details of the application for the guests, but leave the ability to add new ones.
Thank you.

Unfortunately the above can’t be achieved with plugin version of the scheduler.
Standalone version can be configured in such way, but it will require manual javascript coding.