Disable other events while grid is loading.

Hi , please suggest me how can we not allow other events to trigger , while loading xgrid with xml data .(if any in built functions).

Can we apply , onXLS and onXLE ?

You may try to create a new variable which can help you to now if the data was loaded and block the needed event if it’s not.
For example:

var loaded=false mygrid.attachEvent("onXLS", function(grid_obj){ loaded=false }); mygrid.attachEvent("onXLE", function(grid_obj,count){ loaded=true }); mygrid.attachEvent("onRowCreated", function(rId,rObj,rXml){ if (loaded==true){/*some custom code*/} else return false });

Also you may try to attach event as a callback of load method:

mygrid.loadXML("grid.xml", function(){ mygrid.attachEvent("onRowCreated", function(rId,rObj,rXml){ //some custom code }); });