Disable past dates in a mini calendar


How to disable the past in the calendar of dhtmlx scheduler
i tried below code but getting error as Object doesn’t support property or method ‘setSensitiveRange’
var calendar = scheduler.renderCalendar({
container: “datepickerID”,
navigation: true,
date: scheduler._date,
handler: function (date,calendar) {
var today=new Date();
calendar.setSensitiveRange(today, null);


Hi @SreedharLenkalapally,

To avoid switching to the past dates in the mini calendar, you need to redefine the default scheduler.updateCalendar function in a next way:

var updateCalendar = scheduler.updateCalendar;
scheduler.updateCalendar = function(calendar, date){
  var startLimit = scheduler.config.limit_start;
  var endLimit = scheduler.config.limit_end;

  var lastDayinMonth = new Date(date.getFullYear(), date.getMonth()+1, 0, 1);

  if( (lastDayinMonth.getTime() < startLimit.getTime() ) || (date.getTime() > endLimit.getTime()) )
    return false;
  return updateCalendar.apply(this, arguments)

It will work if you also use limit_start, limit_end configs allow limiting the allowable date range in Scheduler (not in the mini calendar)

If you don’t need it - just replace these configs with required dates.

Here is the snippet that demonstrates how it works