disable resize or collapse

how can i disable resize or collapse on a cell?

To disable resize - fixSize method:


To keep cells opened you may use onCollapse event:


how can i block the collapse funtion, but still use the undock funtion (make a window of the cell, and also be able to dock the window back in the layout) ?

You may use onUnDock and onDock events to control the closable state:

var isClosable = true;

dhxLayout.attachEvent(“onUnDock”, function(){
isClosable = false;

dhxLayout.attachEvent(“onDock”, function(){
isClosable = true;


thnx, when i use undock to make a window of a cell, how can change the settings of that window? (for example height, buttons etc)

thnx in advance

layout.dhxWins.window(cellId) is window object. So, you may try to apply windows API to it.