Disable scheduler built-in validation of dates

I want to disable scheduler built-in validation of dates at the client side. If the user selects an end_date lower or equal to start_date the scheduler silently fix it by setting end_date = start_date + scheduler.config.time_step.

I tried setting:
scheduler.config.time_step = 0 >>> firefox blocks (because of slow script execution).

and also:
scheduler.config.event_duration = 0;
scheduler.config.auto_end_date = true;

I want to display the error message on “onEventSave” event, but since the dates are already changed I can’t do it.

One solution I found is commenting the following lines in “get_value” function inside scheduler.form_blocks --> time

if (ev.end_date<=ev.start_date) ev.end_date=scheduler.date.add(ev.start_date,scheduler.config.time_step,"minute");

Anyway I would prefer not to have to change the source code.

The end_date fix can’t be disabled ( as calendar can’t render events with end_date < start_date, this fix is mandatory )

You can create your own time section

scheduler.form_blocks.mytime = { render: scheduler.form_blocks.time.render, set_value: scheduler.form_blocks.time.set_value, focus: scheduler.form_blocks.time.render, get_value: function(){ ... custom code here ... } }

Now you will be able to use the “mytime” section instead of “time” in scheduler’s config.
It will allow to use your own logic without direct code changing.