Disable Scripts and Styles Auto-generation

I’ve created an ASP.NET Scheduler based on the Scheduler.ASP.NET sample. I have to manually import all styles and scripts since it’s a Sharepoint application (everything in Sharepoint is auto-magically created so I won’t have absolute urls to work with). That’s fine, everything works.

However, I noticed I have some console errors. Somewhere, the Scheduler is trying to import the style and script tags themselves and of course I’m getting 404 errors (since they’re not located where the Scheduler thinks they are).

Is there any way from preventing the program from creating the tags for styles and scripts?

I’ve looked through the API and couldn’t find any options that sound like they fit the bill. I thought maybe DHTMLX.Scheduler.DHXScheduler.GenerateCSS(false) and DHTMLX.Scheduler.DHXScheduler.GenerateJS(false) might work but I’ve already set them false.

you can use DHXScheduler.GenerateHTML() instead of DHXScheduler.Render(), then only scheduler’s markup and js code will be rendered.
.Render is just a shorthand for DHXScheduler.GenerateJS() + DHXScheduler.GenerateCSS() + DHXScheduler.GenerateHTML(), these methods can be used separately