Disable tabs


I would like to use the script to create a multi step registration process:

Step 1 - Personal Information

Step 2 - Register for event

Step 3 - Payment

Step 4 - Rgeistration complete

Step 1 is a form which must be completed first because it determines the content of step 2. Step 2 must be completed before Step 3 and so on. Is there a way to do it? Can I disable tabs until a certain condition is fulfilled? But I do want to offer the user the chance to go back to Step 1 when is at step 3…




You can use setOnSelectHandler method. It sets a function which will be called before a tab gets active.

The event handler gets 2 parameters: an id of the clicked tab and a current tab id. If it doesn’t returns true, selection will be rejected:


if(…) return true

else return false