Disable the scrollbar


I’m having a grid with the split functionality for the first column.

The splitted column acts as a seperate table. If i increase the size of the column and then decrease the space taken by the column remains same but only the size is reduced.

I want the splitted column to behave similar to that of any other columns in the grid.

What might be causing the problem?

It would be of great help for me if you provide me the solution.

Which version of dhtmlxgrid you are using?
Latest version of dhtmlxgrid must work in split mode exactly as necessary in your way ( the column will not produce unwanted scrollbar on splitted column resize )
Please contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com if you need latest version of dhtmlxgrid_splt.js , which will provide such functionality.

Currently i’m using the //v.1.5 build 71114 version of dhtmlxgrid_splt.js.

Is it not the latest version?

Should i need to get the latest version?

Could u please let me know the details regarding this.

You may update codebase to the the dhtmlxgrid 1.5 build 80319
Actually if you need only resize column behavior you need to update only dhtmlxgrid_srnd.js file , it will be compatible with other files from the your build of grid.
If you need mentioned file - please contact us directly at support@dhtmlx.com