Disable tooltip showing when gantt lightbox is displayed

I want to disable task tooltip show when the lightbox is displayed.

For example, if I doble click on a task, the lightbox is displayed, but the tooltip is displayed on background of the lightbox also. How to I disable the tooltip when lightbox is displayed?

I try the example descript here

but, don’t work with gantt!

Is there another way?

Hi @Adriano_Trentim_Augu!

You can call the hide() method of the tooltip extension in onLightbox event listener.

Here is a sample you can see how it can be implemented:

I trying this… but I’ve change de timeout time to open the tooltip and, in this case, the tooltip open occurs after the lightbox is already displayed.

In this case, the hide() is trigger before the tooltip open.

I need some function to cancelOpen or cancelTimeout, for example.

I’ve found a function $cancelTimeout on codebase, but I don’t know where can I access it.

Look this, you can see with a db click on the task. The tooltip will be open after, on background of lightbox.


Hi @Adriano_Trentim_Augu !

There is no built-in feature like cancelOpen or cancelTimeout.

As a workaround, you can override the show method of the tooltip extension - have some flag variable which you’ll use to tell that the tooltip shouldn’t be shown. Then you can set that flag from onLigtbox event in order to prevent the tooltip from showing after the delay.
Demo: http://snippet.dhtmlx.com/ced869a7a

this works… tks very much

I simplyfied the example…

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Hello Adriano,
The dev team fixed the issue with the tooltip.
Now, Gantt hides it when you open the lightbox.
Here is the snippet where you can check how it works: