Disable UI while ajax updates ...

I have placed some ajax calls in the onAfterTaskUpdate event:

gantt.attachEvent("onAfterTaskUpdate", function(id,item){ $.ajax({ // jQuery ajax magic here }).done(function() { // returns new id here - set task id in UI }); });

The ajax call returns the id generated by the database. I then assign that id back to the gantt task.
Is there a way to lock/disable and fade out the UI while running the update?

I have tried setting it readonly while the ajax call is running using:

gantt.config.readonly = true; gantt.render();
but it does not seem to do the trick …

try using gantt.hideCover and gantt.showHover methods for locking the gantt:

Although, they are originally used for a modal lightbox, so they lock the whole screen.
Here is a sample