Disable Window Contents

I would like to enable/disable entire dhtmlx window contents at any time without having to unload/reload them. Is there a function I can call to apply this?

what did you mean by “'disable”?

There is the detachObject() method that allows to append window content to document body:

  • to attach html container with ‘myObj’ id

  • to detach it

I mean to lock the contents of the window so they become inaccessible, much like what is done when the minimize/maximize or close buttons or any other window title bar buttons can be disabled as shown in the following dhtmlx Windows sample: http://www.dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dhtmlxWindows/samples/06_buttons/01_manipulation.html

I would like to make the dhtmlx window contents locked or unlocked, much like title bar buttons can be enabled/disabled to control access to the window’s contents.

I’ve decided to go with setting up a css overlay div minus modal dialogue on the loaded url window: http://raventools.com/blog/create-a-modal-dialog-using-css-and-javascript/

Thank you anyway :smiley: