Disabled checkboxes and 3 States Checkboxes


I am using a tree with the three state checkboxes feature enabled.

Now, i would like to make some of the branches disabled, the problem is that it does not reflect if the branch is partially checked anymore. Is there anyway to get disabled branches to show if they are partially checked by their children nodes ?

Thank you !

Be default disabled node frozen in state , which it has on moment of disabling and will not react on changes of parent element
You can change behavior by code modification, just locate next string in dhtmlxTree.js

if (sNode.dscheck)  sNode.checkstate=sNode.dscheck;

and replace it with

if (sNode.dscheck)  sNode.checkstate=sNode.checkstate+3;

Hi, the code you gave me to modify did not affect the checkboxes but simply made the [+] square remain the same and never change to [ - ] … help

Please check attached sample, it contains described updates to code and works as necessary - disabled checkbox still disabled, by reflect state of its parent.

1206467866.zip (46.6 KB)

Is this supposed to work with the dynamic smart parsing tree ?

The code change you have given me has not affected the tree… HELP !