disabling a grid row

Is it possible to disable a grid row.

The question is not clear. How should a disabled row behave ?

that row along with all the components inside that row should not be edited after that.

Grid rows are not editable. It is possible to bind a Form with a Grid and edit the fields in the Form. If you meant this kind of editing, you may disable selection for a certain row. The example for the row with id =“disabledId”

return id!=“disabledId”;

‘disabled’ in the sense that grid row should not be selected and suppose if there is a combo in one of columns of the grid , even that should not be selected after disabling the grid row.But to make a grid row disabled there should be an id for that row …right?I want to disable the row on the ‘onchange’ event of the combo in the grid.

You can consider disabled property of an item in a column template. The example:

template:function(obj,common){ if(obj.disabled) return obj.selectButton else return common.selectButton(obj,common) },

instead of


To disable row you will need to set “disabled” property and update an item:

$$(“grid1”).item(someId).disabled = 1;