disabling grid sorting

Hi there,

  I have the dhtmlxGrid standard version and I was wondering if it was possible to turn off its auto-sorting features since the order the lines are displayed is different from the one my query returns server-side even though I set the "setColSorting" to "na" all around the board.

I saw the onBeforeSorting event, but it’s only available for the professional version.

Thanks in advance,


Unfortunately the issue cannot be reconstructed.
Data loaded in the grid is displaying in the original order of dataset.
If issue still occurs - please, provide any kind of sample of your code so the issue can be reconstructed.

I think it might be because I’m not using the latest version (mine being 3.0 I believe). Anyway, I was able to circumvent the problem by adding a column with a width of 0 that’s just a line number and then forcing the sort on this column for the grid.

Thanks anyway,


Okay, just to say I discovered the cause of the problem and it was a “code 18” like we say around here (problem 18 inches in front of the screen). I was actually constructing the XML wrong so the grid was not to blame in this case.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the quick response.