Disabling radio buttons

I have a grid with a column of radio buttons using the ‘ra’ column type. I am using PRO 3.0. I load the grid from XML. For the in this column, I use an empty string as the data. There are some rows in my grid where I want to disable the radio button. The user should not be able to select the radio button on these rows. How can I do this?

Try to use:

That works, but I would rather include the ‘disable’ in the xml that is used to initialize the grid. Can this be done?

Did you see this?
dhtmlx.com/docs/products/doc … index.html

You can call any dhtmlx API-method from XML.

Please follow the link from previous post of cm1310:

On the tab “Grid” select mode “Full”.
There you can find the syntax of calling to API:

<beforeInit> <call command="enableResizing"> <param>false,false</param> </call> </beforeInit>