Disbale/hidding Delete buttons


Hello together,

I`m using the awesome vault control, which I think is a greate file managing control.
Right now, I want to disable the possibility that the user can delete the uploaded files.

I saw no Event or method where I can do it.
I tried it with the vault.load() event which jQuery function to remove the items like $(‘myVaultDiv’).find(’#dhx_vault_file_delete’).remove() but at this time, the items are not rendered on the html page.

Thanks for helping,


You can cansel removing:
docs.dhtmlx.com/api__dhtmlxvault … event.html
i.e. with message that file can not be removed

Or you need to delete/fide this button?


I want to hide/remove the button self.
Because, If the user get’s the message “you are not allowed to delete…” it makes no sense to Display the button.


Do you have a solution for this problem?



.dhx_vault_dhx_skyblue div.dhx_vault_files div.dhx_vault_file_param.dhx_vault_file_delete { display: none; }