Display Calendar as user Tabs through form

I have the calendar set up and it works GREAT, however, when a user uses the tab button on their keyboard to jump from input to input when they tab over to the calendar it does not pop up. This can cause issues with them putting their birth date in the wrong format.

Is there a way to force the calendar to pop up when a user uses the tab button to land on the calendar pop up.

I have the type set to “calendar” in the json setup for the form structure.
If I knew what the instance of that particular calendar was I know I could use a .show() on an onFocus event…but I have looked and cannot find documentation on how to get that instance.

any help would be greatly appreciated!

Code Set Up:

(((From the variable profileForm)))

{type: “calendar”, dateFormat: “%Y-%m-%d”, weekStart: 7, name: “birthdate”, label: “Birthday:”, calendarPosition: “right”, note: {text: “Click the Year to change the Year. Click the Month to change the Month”}},

My init of the form loading it in the new window

var newProfileForm = dhxWins.window(“newProfile”).attachForm(profileForm);

You need the next:

var calendar = myForm.getCalendar("Date2"); myForm.attachEvent("onFocus", function(name, value){ if(name=="Date2"){ calendar.show(); } }); myForm.attachEvent("onBlur", function(name, value){ calendar.hide(); });