Display data from tree control in separate tree grid control

I’ve got 2 webpages. The first webpage has 2 tree controls. I drag items from tree1 into tree2. On a different page, I want to use the tree structure from tree2 inside a treegrid control and display additional data about each of the nodes on the tree.

I’m not sure how to handle this. My original thought was to save the serialized xml in tree2 and then transform it so that my other web page had the xml in a format that worked with the treegrid control. Is this possible and are there XSL transforms out there that accomplish this?

I’ve got a couple other ideas, but I figured I’d ask this question before I waste too much time trying to do something that might not be possible. Here are my other ideas…

  1. Dragging from tree1 to a treegrid (instead of tree2) and then I could serialize the treegrid and load it that way on the other page. It doesn’t look like there is a serialize method for the tree grid though and I’m not sure if the DND between the 2 components would even work.

  2. Maybe I could use a data store to take the tree contents and load it into the treegrid. I’ve never used the data store before so I’m not sure if this would work or how I would go about doing it.

Can somebody please point me in the right direction? Thanks!

In common case you will have both trees linked to some database tables, and all changes on client side saved to db. In such setup you can have separate connector for the tree’s table which will generate data feed in treegrid’s format

DnD will work, and treegrid has treegrid.serialize();

DataStores are good for plain data but currently not so well with tree-like data