Display exact event display

What is the lowest possible event duration the scheduler can display. I noticed that an event with a duration of say 15.min and some additional text info is being rendered by the scheduler as it takes like 30 or 45 min. Is there a property to render the scheduler exactly like the defined start time and end time whereby event info may not be shown completely?
Our customer wants to have a quick overview if there are gaps in a schedule.

You can change it through scheduler.xy.min_event_height
docs.dhtmlx.com/scheduler/api__s … other.html

Not exactly what I mean.
See attached image.

the events have minimal displayed height that cannot be decreased. It’s height of the header plus one line of content.
In order to make an event to match hour scale more precisely, you can either increase height of the scale hour or define custom display of an events.
Check this article

Thank you, this is good info.