Display format for Math type cell

Thank you for solution to my earlier question.

I have one column defined as “ron[=]” with setNumberFormat as “$0,000.00” and it works just fine. I have also defined custom eXcell “percent” which displays numbers in percentage format, i.e. for “35” it will display 35%. This is also working fine.

Now, I am in a situation where I need to display “percent” type of data iin “ron[=]” column data. And the “percent” is calculated. So for that cell my xml code is like this:


It needs to be of type “math” and thus it displays “$35.00” and I want this to be displayed as “35%”. Is it possible to achieve this anyway?

Please let me know.



The results of math may use only per column formatting settings, there is no way to have two different formatting types for results of math operation in same column.

If you know exact position of cell you can resolve problem by adding something similar to next

if (id == ID && index == INDEX ){
var cell = mygrid.cells(id,ind);
var val=cell.getValue();