display, header and screen resolution


I use many Views on my dhtmlxscheduler ( as timeline, unit, weekview, and agenda). It works perfectly. I only need advice about the header when the user don’t have a good screen resolution.
As you can see in attachment, there is a superposition of buttons, and it’s not very handy :wink:
Do we have the possibility to split the header in 2 lines, or to move the current display date to another place?
Thanks for your help.

There is no way to define “responsive” header, but you can

a) change size of button - add custom css class to the related div in html layout, and set different side and position of buttons. Also you can use bg-icons instead of text

b) you can increase height of header and set vertical position of button ( style.top ) as you wish. Height of header can be changed like next: scheduler.config.nav_height = 100;

c) you can hide header at all ( set zero height ) and use custom controlls to set current view ( by using scheduler.setCurrentView API )