Display issues with Mobile version

We’re trying out the Mobile version of Scheduler to use in a future project. We have a problem with the Hour select box on Time selects not respecting the params we set. This is the code we’re using:


scheduler.config.show_loading = true;

scheduler.config.header_date = "%D, %M %j, %Y";
scheduler.config.form_date = "%m/%j/%Y %h:%i%a";
scheduler.config.form_all_day = "%m/%j/%Y";
scheduler.config.item_date = "%m/%j/%y";
scheduler.config.hour_date = "%h:%i%a";
scheduler.config.calendar_hour = "%h%a";

//object constructor
    view: "scheduler",
	id: "scheduler",
	save: "/cfc/calendar/dhtmlxCalendar.cfc"

// method load() lets you to populate the scheduler with data



The problem is that “calendar_hour” ignores our selection and always presents a “24 hour” style dropdown of 0-23 instead of AM/PM options. Any ideas what could be wrong? We’re using the latest versions of DHTMLX downloaded a week ago.

Hi jjblodg,

Your calendar configuration needs to be placed before your dhx.ready function.

// Format calendar_hour to be non-military time
scheduler.config.calendar_hour = “%h%a”;
// [Place any other configuration here]



Thanks! That was easy enough. Now on to bigger and badder issues… :slight_smile: