Display Messed Up When Window Resized and Scheduler Hidden

I think I have either found a bug or it could be new-user user error.

I am using the scheduler plugin and have it initially hidden in a div using “display: none”.

There is a button that will display/hide the schedule as needed by the user.

The issue is that if the browser window is resized while the scheduler is hidden, when the scheduler is displayed, its display is all messed up. Resizing the window (even a tiny bit) will fix the display.

I looked at the code and it seems the issue is in the window resize event handler. I’ve updated it to the following and my issue has gone away.

[code]$obj = $(this._obj);

if($obj.is(":visible")) {
if (scheduler.callEvent(“onSchedulerResize”,[])) {
scheduler.callEvent(“onAfterSchedulerResize”, []);
}, 100);

Just do the resize stuff if the schedule is visible. I realize that this approach relies on jQuery, but I didn’t have the time to figure out how to see if an element is visible using vanilla JavaScript.

Is this an issue or is there a built-in way to handle this problem?


you can manually refresh scheduler after user press the button and the calendar is displayed, the following code should do the job: scheduler.update_view(); orscheduler.callEvent("onSchedulerResize",[]); scheduler.update_view();