Display multiple controls in a line


first of all, thank you very much for your controls, they’re really great.
Currently I’m developing a CMS (licensed under GPL) and the whole administration panel is based on DHX controls.
There is a question regarding the dhtmlxForm: is it possible to put multiple controls into a single line? For example, I need two buttons: save and reset, if I construct a form the both buttons are located in two different lines. I need them to be located together.



Unfortunately current version does not support requested feature.

this is sad, because I had to use my own solution for buttons.
Maybe you could add this feature in the future.

Yes, this feature will added in future.

Any workarounds for this?

Can’t we do something at the moment so that we can have more than 1 controls in 1 line?

Currently if you build the form on your page in regular HTML then assign it to the dhtmlxForm element you can keep at least some of the form elements, like input boxes, on one line.


Thanks I will try that

For those that want to display more elements in one form line I found that css “framework”:

Tried it with dhtmlx and it works nicely up to now.

Check examples:

a) Original form inside window / layout

b)Resized window

All I did is include the css file and just add the following to enable scrollbars in my form div:

<div id="formdemo" class="formContainer" style="height:97%;overflow:auto;">

Hope this helps

Hi all.

Positioning will uncluded into new form release.
No worries, it will soon.

Any ideas when new dhtmlxForm with positioning support will be released? :slight_smile:

I think technically it should be ready by the middle of December.


Any updates on this? I tried to use template type but values for custom controls will not be included in the task object.


Ahhhm sorry, my issue is for gantt lightbox (facepalm)