Display sample scheduler in angular 6

I created sample Angular 6 project and display scheduler in the sample site. Everything is looks good but if i place </router-outlet> outside my html it’s working fine where as if i placed in side header it’s not displaying.
I used below html template.

Can you please let me know what went wrong here.

This is the template i used: https://bootsnipp.com/snippets/aMmEE


Unfortunately I don’t understand what goes wrong in your app and how I can help you based on your description.

Not sure that the work of </router-outlet> depends on Scheduler.
I can only advice you to redirect the question to the Angular forum (or smth like that).


I have attached sample project where not displaying the scheduler. Please let me know where i am doing wrong here.
src.zip (54.3 KB)

I am using side bar to display the calendar in the content.