Display Values as 'Labels' Until In Edit Mode


I was wondering - is it possible to display the form field’s values as a simple label while in read only mode and then the correct field type (eg picklist etc) appears when in edit mode and the user can make a selection per normal ?

Realise that making a field read only will show the greyed out field type (eg the greyed out drop down box with the value in it).

An example from Salesforce (refer ‘Priority’ field):

Any ideas ? Thanks in advance,


Hi Steve

buy the default form is static, i.e. you need to define types while init. but form has some dyn features like add/remove items on the fly. so you are able to add label, catch ‘onclick’, remove label, add picklist (using dyn features), attach event to picklict, wait until user updates value and add static label back to form. something like.