Displaying additional elements in the timeline area

Using the addTaskLayer method it is possible to show an additional element. I need to show multiple additional elements on a tasks (an indicator for task status at the beginning of the task and indicators for material availability at the beginning and end of a task).

Can I achieve this by adding multiple task layers (one for each indicator that I need)?
Are the layers displayed on top of the task and if so in what order?

you can have any number of custom layer, it is not limited.
Layers can be added either below the task bars (by default), if you specify ‘topmost’ property - they will be added above the task bars. Layers are stacked, i.e. each next is displayed above the previous
docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/api__gantt … layer.html

Just to make sure I understand this correctly. When you talk about adding below the task or above the task do you then mean the way the layers are stacked? So in the Gantt they will be displayed in one single line (like in the sample docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/samples/04 … dline.html). But in that sample I don’t see the use of this ‘topmost’ property, but the deadline icon is shown on top of the task, or am I missing something here?

When you talk about adding below the task or above the task do you then mean the way the layers are stacked?

Yes, i mean the default order of css layers of the timeline elements. Basically, the layer node is inserted before the ‘bars’ and the ‘links’ layers - so the new layer will be displayed below the blue bars and links but on top of the previously added layers.
The ‘topmost’ element will be added as a last child of the layers container - on top of all previously added layers.

This order can be changed using css z-index. This is done in a deadlines sample, so the items are displayed on top of the blue bars, otherwise they would be on lower layer.

Regarding the x-y positioning - it’s absolutely arbitrary for each item, the elements will be placed at coordinates you assign. Gantt provides couple of methods that calculates position of a task, so you can put custom element in the appropriate row and at the appropriate date. The relative position of items, for example like blue bars and baselines here docs.dhtmlx.com/gantt/samples/04 … lines.html should be done manually from code

Hope I made it clearer)