Displaying grid created from HTML Table

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For big HTML tables, when I use the approach of creating the grid from HTML table, the browser shows the plain vanilla HTML table first while it’s downloading the rest of the page before it switches to the “pretty” grid. Is there a way to suppress the display of the plain vanilla table? I tried setting the display to “none” but that resulted to an empty grid.

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I tried setting the display to “none” but that resulted to an empty grid.
You should set width and height to the grid using “width” and “height” attributes:

Thanks.  It works on FF.  But on IE (7), I get the following error:

Line: 71, Char: 69:  Invalid argument

IE works only if I take out “display:none” but even then, it ignores the width and height that I set.  Same thing with FF.  If I take out “display:none”, the width and height are ignored.  But like I said, FF works well with “display:none” and it sets the width and height accordingly when it is present.

I attached one of the files I’m testing with.  Please test this on IE.



sample2.html.zip (436 Bytes)

Oops, ignore that attachment.  It had “visibility” instead of “display” because I was desperately trying all sorts of things.  Here is the correct one.


sample2.html.zip (434 Bytes)

I’ve figured it out.  Actually, I found it in the KB.  I have to set the column widths (at least in the header row, from what I see), i.e.

.  It’s strange because I thought I saw it work the other day on IE without those.

Normally it takes the width from rendered columns, but when table has display:none assigned - column’s size can’t be detected ( display:none nullify all sizes in related content ) , so it need to be specified directly.