Displaying large x,y data sets

I modified the 01_int.html sample to read data from a .csv file (html code below).
Using chart.load (.csv file included below), it does not display the data correctly.
What am I doing wrong?



There are over 2 thousand items and container width is 450px. How are you going to display all the values ? Possibly you need to group data before show them.

Hi, I’m having a similar issue trying to plot an x,y chart with over a million lines of x,y coordinates.

I’m using the standard array as it is on the example but this is obviously not working. It seems to be too much data (the plain text data file is over 40MB in size).

Were you able to solve this? Do you have any recommendation?

I also tried using Fusion Charts but those are very limited when dealing with large data files.

Thanks in advanced for your help.