displaying progress easily in a layout cell

I have an a layout cell into which and I attach a url

is there an easy way to toggle progress on and off either side or attaching a url


dhxLayout = new dhtmlXLayoutObject(document.body, “5H”,“dhx_skyblue”);


dhxLayout.cells(“b”).progressOn(); ???

dhxLayout.cells(“b”).attachURL(“some url”);

dhxLayout.cells(“b”).progressOff(); ???

I notice dhxWins has an onContentLoaded() event but layout does not seem to have one

any help would be great

Layout provides onContentLoaded event too. But it is called only for Ajax loading as well as in case of dhtmlxWindows:

dhxLayout.cells(“b”).attachURL(“some url”,true); /loading using Ajax/

In case of loading into iframe: dhxLayout.cells(“b”).attachURL(“some url”), layout doesn’t provide a method to determine when loading is finished.