Displaying Recurring field after adding some fields-LightBox

after adding some fields to the LightBox, the field for the recurring events did not show.
How can i mix them ?

You should add to lightbox section with type “recurring”.

For example:
{name:“recurring”, type:“recurring”, map_to:“rec_type”, button:“recurring”}

Thanks for you reply, but still have the issue

I have put this code ==> adding recurring fields

i i try to add some like this :
DHXLightboxSelect sel = new DHXLightboxSelect(“typerdv”, “Type du RDV”);

the recurring fields will not get displayed

If seems you are using java.
You should add DHXLightboxReccuringBlock.

How to use it, the DHXLightboxReccuringBlock ?

For example:

DHXLightboxRecurringBlock rec = new DHXLightboxRecurringBlock("rec_type","Recurring");

Thank you, it works fine!