Displaying scheduler in two layout cells

I’m using dhtmlxSuite v36 Pro and dhtmlxScheduler v37 Pro. I’d like to have a layout with just week and month view in cell ‘a’ and just the day view in cell ‘b’. Is this possible?

If you have pro version of scheduler - you can create few instances of scheduler. One of which can be attached to cell “a” and other to cell “b”

Standard edition of scheduler can’t be used in such scenario.

How do I show just the day view in one scheduler and just the week and month view in the other?

When you are initializing scheduler, you are using html snippet as a base, you can remove unnecessary tabs from that html snippet

I don’t actually have an html snippet for the base (the scheduler is just attached to the dhtmlx layout object). Is there a way to remove the tabs with javascript?

Thanks for you help.

Nope, it can defined only by html
You can use both attachScheduler and html snippet in same time.


... some.cells(a).attachScheduler(new Date(), "week", "scheduler_here")[/code]

Scheduler will be attached to the target cell, but will use “scheduler_here” div as initial html snippet ( similar to scheduler.init )