Displaying scheduler inside a div tag

I want to display the scheduler inside a div. I’m using the following code.

view: “scheduler”,
id: “scheduler”,
container: “schedulerDiv”

Scheduler is now displayed for the specified height and width.
If i execute it in mobile phones which has small screen i have to scroll to see the entire scheduler.
If i execute it in mobile phones which has large screen, the scheduler is displayed in small size.
I want the scheduler to load according to the screen size of the mobile phone i.e scheduler should fit the screen size.
Thank you in advance…


in this case you should display scheduler in full-screen mode:


If you initialize scheduler in a specific container, scheduler won’t be adjusted to screen size. It will get sizes of its parent.

But I want to display header slide bar in my app so, I want scheduler inside a div.

Scheduler is dhtmlxTouch based app. And you can use other view of Touch, including layout.
Here is the post with solution for header and footer:


Thank you It helped me a lot