<div> attributes 'name' and 'width'

At last I had found a GREAT tab component. I use it in a cms (cmsms) but I think there are two non standard

attributes used: ‘name’ and ‘width’. The are refused by the cms and removed everytime I publish. I’ve looked at several pages on the internet and found that hey are not standard indeed?

Is there a way around this, by making use of accepted attributes so I can use this dhtml goody?




both attributes are necessary for tabbar initialization:

name - tab label;

width - the width of the tab (100px by default).

There is no way to use other attributes. You can use javascript intialization instead: dhtmlx.com/docs/products/dht … cript.html

I did try that one to but it seems that html code is not accepted as content.
Text is displayed without a problem but when I put a html table as content,
nothing is displayed?

Thanks for the quick reply John!

Could you please provide the sample to recreate the issue (the example of tabbar container that fails)

I have pasted the whole contentblock as I have tried to use it in my cms. Sorry it is this big, but somewhere might be
the reason that this does not work.
Again, this configuration of the module works fine as long as I put plain tekst in the content.



The html content is set incorrectly:

- the external quotes must be single if you use double quotes inside the string;

- moreover string formatting is also incorrect.

html content should be a correct string, like:

tabbar.setContentHTML(“a2”, ‘


instead of

tabbar.setContentHTML(“a2”, "

the external quotes must be single if you use double quotes inside the string” I did not know that.
Together with the html content as one string (on the same row), made it display correctly.

Thank you for helping me out here John

Have a great day!